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General Questions

What is NiftyPlanr?

NiftyPlanr is an only platform dedicated to helping people planning events like weddings, parties and corporate functions to find and connect with service providers.

How does it work?

NiftyPlanr provides event planners with tools to plan their events. As part of the planning process, the platform links event planners with service providers.

Why should I use NiftyPlanr?

NiftyPlanr is free to use. It offers you convenience of planning your event on the go with options to coordinate with family, an event planner, or even by yourself.

Which categories can sign up for the vendor accounts?

Unlike other directories, we don't limit you to one category. Instead, we allow you to add as many products and services as you want, with each belonging to one or more categories. If you add, say, a Venue package with Video, Catering, and Deco, we show that package in all 3 categories.

Service Providers

What can I display in my profile?

You can display your contact information, products and services. You have an option to hide your location and prices.

Event Planners, Brides & Grooms

Can I plan other people's events?

Yes, but only as a service provider. You need to pick "I am an Event Planner" when you are signing up. As a client, you can only plan your own wedding, or be part of an organising committee.


How much does it cost to sign up?

Signing up is free. However we have an optional adverting subscription plan. See pricing for more information.

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